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GoLevita Elastic Adhesive Bandage 50mm x 4.5m

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Elastic Adhesive Bandages

Our GoLevita range of Elastic Adhesive Bandages are ideal for providing strong support and enhanced compression for previous injuries, or for weakness caused by muscle stress and fatigue.

Our advanced latex-free, hypoallergenic, and durable adhesive tested and approved by Australian Healthcare Professionals, increases skin protection, and reduces the likeliness of reactions or itchiness while maintaining the strong bond between the bandage and the skin of your body.

Its elastic, heavy-duty, cotton-based structure makes it breathable on the skin and provides high-quality extensible tension for correct anatomical positioning.

The GoLevita Elastic Adhesive Bandage also features a central orange line that assists in correct and accurate bandaging alignment. 

Our bandage range is trusted by therapists around Australia, available as single rolls, and cartons to facilitate all your needs. 
You may also choose from a range of sizes:

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Elastic Adhesive Bandages

Elastic, cotton-based structure with hypoallergenic and durable adhesive.

High quality extensible tension for correct anatomical positioning.

Fluffy non-fray edges, comfortable for the skin.

Supports muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Remains fixed during rigorous exercise

Special Features

Breathable adhesive and fabric made from heavy duty, cotton-based structure.

Maintains original size, does not constrict.

Whether you are looking for a single roll or a box of 12 rolls or more, we have got you covered. GoLevita's mission is to supply both the athlete and the professional therapist/ club at the most competitive price.

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