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November 29, 2020 2 min read

Our bodies are a temple. So, to get the most out of life it is important we take care of this temple. When people say the phrase “my body is a temple”, they are generally talking about their diet and the foods and beverages they consume. This is super important, but diet is only one side of the coin. Ensuring you have the nutrients and vitamins you need in order to function to whatever level you desire is step one.

But what if I told you that you there is another way you can nurture your temple…

This day and age, almost everybody visits their local physiotherapist or massage therapist. Whether it is to fix those headaches stemming from tight shoulders, or that knee you blew out as a teenager that is still giving you trouble. The problem is that most clinics charge $1-2/min (or more!) so going through life pain-free is expensive! But there is a way to get ahead of the curve…

Here at GoLevita, it is our mission to provide the best recovery and rehabilitation tools at an affordable price so that anyone and everyone can keep their temple in tip-top shape while also saving thousands of dollars. Let me take you back to school for a sec, and let’s break it down with some simple maths:

Our hypothetical patient, let’s call her Maddy, is prone to headaches which stem from her tight shoulder muscles. These headaches sometimes lead to migraines so Maddy needs to stay on top of it and visit the physiotherapist once a fortnight. The physiotherapist spends an hour massaging out the knots in her shoulders/upper back and for the time being, Maddy feels better. That is, until she has to return again in 2 weeks: here’s how much this costs.

$2 per min x 60 mins = $120 per session

$120 per session x 26 sessions per year = $3,120 per year

Now that is a lot of money just to avoid having a constant headache! Maddy is a student so this is a lot of money for her and not an ideal situation. Maddy discovers GoLevita’s massage gun range and decides to purchase our entry level model; the GoLevita Mini 2 (currently $149). By using this tool to self-treat her tight shoulders daily, she finds that her headaches are not as frequent and only has to visit the physiotherapist once a month instead of once a fortnight.

$120 per session x 12 sessions per year = $1,440 per year

By investing in her temple and purchasing GoLevita’s massage gun, Maddy saves $1,680 a year!

Whether you are an elite athlete, a tradie, an office worker, or even a stay-at-home dad/mum; GoLevita is here to provide you with the affordable recovery tools to nurture your temple and get the most out of these crazy lives we lead!

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