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GoLevita Pro 3 - Powered by BOOSTER

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The GoLevita Pro 3, powered by BOOSTER, is the #1 massage gun on the market. Designed to facilitate all of your needs, whether your goals are to become the BEST or you just want to feel the BEST, the Pro 3 has you covered. Its ergonomic design and extremely quiet brushless motor enable you to get the treatment you deserve on the go, or in your preferred training venue. With the built-in automated force control, the Pro 3 can adapt to suit the exact needs of your muscles for full relaxation, massaging them with a deep 12mm vibration amplitude, for full and enjoyable percussive therapy. Additionally, the GoLevita Pro 3's T-style design allows for easy two-handed use to maximize torque and allow you to reach those hard to get to tight spots without the need for a second pair of hands. Its quality build, coupled with exceptional power, explains why the GoLevita Pro 3 is Australia's best recovery companion available. 

30 Levels of SELF-ADAPTIVE strength control
The GoLevita Pro 3's new design adopts a 4-speed automated pressure control system allowing up to 30 levels of self-adjustments, bringing you maximum comfort and relaxation.


The Pro 3 is powered by 6 2400mAh Lithium batteries creating blazing power and allowing for an extra-long run time even on the highest setting, with a half-month duration with 20 minutes of use every day. This converts to 5+ hrs of runtime at maximum capacity.
For your convenience, our massage guns come with a FREE hard carry case to make travel as easy as possible for all your accessories. An 18-month warranty (from date of purchase) is also included to ensure you are covered for unexpected situations life may throw at you.


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